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Want to become a Sales Master and watch your income sky rocket?  You could be just pages away!  Read "What's Your Sales DNA?" - it really is that simple!


“What’s Your Sales DNA?” will provide you with a  step-by-step formula for cracking your personal sales mastery code.

- The Art of Accelerating Income -

Why do some salespeople seem born to thrive … while others seem born to do a nose-dive? Is the difference their luck?  Their education?  The training they received? Something they’ve learned to do with prospects?

If you think the most important difference between the top sales performer and everyone else is the ACTIONS the top performer takes … you’re in for a shock!  Find out the surprising truth about what really makes for explosions in the sales income in John A. Palumbo’s WHAT’S YOUR SALES DNA?

Who knew you could change your DNA?

No.  You can’t change your genetic building blocks or your blood type … but when it comes to the “hard-wired” assumptions and beliefs that keep you from achieving at high levels in sales, you can change those crucial Sales DNA “molecules”!

This book, which is written in three sections, shows you how:
Part One:   Your Sales DNA – An Owner’s Manual
Part Two:   The Nineteen Sales DNA “Molecules” of Success
Part Three: What To Do Now

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