The Seminar

  John Palumbo

A live event with John will make all the difference in your sales that you are looking for.  His groundbreaking book, What's Your Sales DNA?, started as a seminar after all.  John took his 20+ years as a highly sought after judge for Professional Achievement Awards seriously, collecting data from all over the country and trying to determine what set the really good sales agents apart from the truly great sales masters.  In his seminar, which is still available today, John reveals the results of that research and challenges sales professionals to take an introspective look at the hidden forces that are holding them back from making millions.  For more information on John's seminars, call 904-448-1100 or write him directly at


Sales DNA Profiles

A profiling system is crucial to hiring the right salesperson.  Just as vital is the profiling system used.  John Palumbo – a sales expert, author and speaker – has created a customized profiling system that determines a salesperson’s true potential.

John’s tailored Sales DNA Profiles answer three critical questions that all employers NEED to know before hiring a salesperson:  

  • HOW does this person sell?
  • WILL this person sell?
  • CAN this person sell?

Without answers to all three questions, an employer cannot get a true reading of a salesperson’s potential.  Only John Palumbo’s Sales DNA Profiles answer all three essential questions.  Getting the answer to one or even two of these questions is just NOT enough!  Without the answers to HOW, WILL and CAN, you cannot get the full picture and you may end up hiring a sub-standard salesperson.  

Think about it – making bad hiring decisions costs a company thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  I know what you’re thinking, “Millions?  Come on, you’re being a tad overly dramatic, aren’t you?”  NO!  And I’ll tell you why …  

The wages you’re paying these employees are going down the toilet because they can’t close a deal, the money you spent to train them – lost … and, in addition to that, what about the tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales that are walking out the door???  

It’s not your fault – you were duped.  They answered ALL the interview questions perfectly, they looked professional, they showed up early, they even sent a thank you note telling you they appreciated the opportunity to meet.  They seemed like they had it ALL. 

What happened?  Well, they could pull it off in a one-hour interview, but they can’t pull off a life time of being someone they’re not. 

Enter the Sales DNA Profile, stage left.  

What’s so great about this profile?  Well, it employs a self-scored behavioral assessment using the DISC personality model.  DISC profiles the four primary behavioral styles – dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance – each with very distinct and predictable patterns of observable behavior.  In short, it helps you hire the best possible candidate because it unearths the applicants’ true nature.  This is essential if you want to increase productivity and profits by hiring the right person the first time. 

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